Ride On

For those of you who have participated on the Vengeance forum you knew Jim as the “Head Janitor” (he claimed that screen name most likely because he was always cleaning up my messes.)

If it wasn’t for Jim Vengeance would have never existed. Jim was one of the original five founders of Vengeance. Prior to founding Vengeance, Jim worked at Ultra Motorcycles and was an avid dirt and street bike rider. Jim assembled the very talented team that formed Vengeance. Originally the “warranty/service/parts guy”, later he was the shop foreman and my right-hand man. In the years after Vengeance was shut

In the years after Vengeance was shut down, Jim lived down the street from me and he worked for Spyke and STD Development in Downey, CA. He always was willing to help people identify and locate parts for their bikes. He will be missed.

I am in the process of moving the Vengeance website and forum to a new server and WordPress platform as the old Joomla website was getting about 100 automated access requests a day from Russia. In the mean-time feel free to e-mail me at scs@venmc.com. Thanks! –S.